Saturday, December 1, 2012

No Comprendo Spain

I have just released my latest book - sort of. 

Part one is out and should be available for free.

However, Amazon only allows a book to be free for five days. 

How can I offer my book for free?

By publishing it again and again and continually using the promotion to allow it to be free for five days.

Today is Dec 1st.  This verison, No Comprendo Spain Part One, will be free until Dec 5th.  On Dec 6th, I will release the same book but call it No Comprendo Spain Part I.  Notice how I changed the "One" to "I".

Then on Jan 1, 2013, I will release No Comprendo Spain Part Two for $2.99.  Or the whole book for 4.99.  Of course Part One, Part I, P 1, etc. will also be available for 2.99.

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  1. Mr. Kron: My name is Hal Marcovitz and I am the book review editor for La Busca, the quarterly publication of the Taurine Bibliophiles of America. We are interested in reviewing your book No Comprendo Spain for our summer 2013 issue. Please contact me at Thank you.