Saturday, December 1, 2012

No Comprendo Spain

I have just released my latest book - sort of. 

Part one is out and should be available for free.

However, Amazon only allows a book to be free for five days. 

How can I offer my book for free?

By publishing it again and again and continually using the promotion to allow it to be free for five days.

Today is Dec 1st.  This verison, No Comprendo Spain Part One, will be free until Dec 5th.  On Dec 6th, I will release the same book but call it No Comprendo Spain Part I.  Notice how I changed the "One" to "I".

Then on Jan 1, 2013, I will release No Comprendo Spain Part Two for $2.99.  Or the whole book for 4.99.  Of course Part One, Part I, P 1, etc. will also be available for 2.99.

Name Change

Saint Peter Killed God turns people off.  It sounds....too harsh. 

I've decided change the name of my book to something that sounds more pleasant.  Something that noone would be embarrassed to read.  Well, plenty would, but it does sound more innocent.  I've changed the name to If Jesus was Alive Today. 

I don't love it, but it's less of a turn off.

The problem is I've had trouble find my original verison.  I've changed the title on the book, but official, I cannot change the title without republishing the book.  And now the book is really confused: SPKG is the title it's listed under.  The cover says it's IJWAT and the pages list it as SPKG. 

Oh well.  My apologies for my lack of professionalism.  I'll change it soon.  But with two babies, papers to grade, and a missing flash drive, it may take longer than I want.