Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Plans

The school year is over! 

It’s going to be a fairly relaxing summer with no papers to grade.  Of course Xavier and the book release will keep things interesting.

Just four days after the last exam was over, my wife and I flew to her hometown in Spain.  Little Xavier is shy as he has to deal with listening to a new language, getting used to his new surroundings, and getting used to slightly different tastes.  As he meets a barrage of new people, he clings to his mommy and daddy.

One nice thing about Spain is the in-laws.  We go over there to eat lunch and then I come home to an empty apartment for three hours.   I haven’t had this much alone time since Xavier was born.  It enabled me edit out the music lyrics. 

Today we just got the internet.  Some people in the states ask if there is internet in Spain.  What do they think, we don’t have running water over here?  The problem is that we only live here a couple of months a year so it’s tricky to find a plan that works.  For the first time, I won’t have to go to the internet café or to my brother-in-laws shop (he has wi-fi) and can enjoy the internet from our place. 

Pascal (of Slush Pile Reader) has shown me the plans.  We are going to launch the book as an ebook over the next week or two along with a contest.  At a later date, the book will come out in print form. 

Exciting times 

What's your summer plans?


  1. Kj summer in India is almost over as rain knocks around and frolics. It's good you have internet now at hand. Enjoy your summer with Xavier and in-laws.

  2. Over? What are the dates for an Indian Summer?