Thursday, June 9, 2011

Can’t Control How Things Turn Out

My wife couldn’t find a bolt from a box we bought at IKEA. 

“I saw Xavier playing with the plastic bag the bolts came in,” my wife said.  “What should we do?”

The bolt was the size of a Cheerio.  Xavier is so proud that he can stick a Cheerio in his mouth without any help.  Xavier did have a rash; maybe if he swallowed a bolt it had something to do with it.  It seemed very possible for a one year old. 

I didn’t want to spend hours in the ER or get all their bills, but some things are beyond our control. 

So Xavier had his first X-ray.  As we waited, I thought about other things in my life I can’t control, from my students to SPKG.  I applied for a copyright on April 15 and I’m still waiting for it two months later.  SPR assured me that it can take several months and that I shouldn’t worry about it. 

I’m sure you can think of a million examples in your own life of things beyond your control. 

The X-Ray turned up negative.  At least we could leave the ER with peace of mind.  I thought the rash was due to the milk since we just started feeding it Xavier.  And once we stopped giving him whole milk and reverted back to formula, his rash went away.  But a week later, he began drinking whole milk again and no problems.  Somethings just cannot be explained.


  1. my son had an inexplicable rash when he was a year old. we tried eliminating Everything and nothing seemed to work and then one day it just went away. Good luck with the copyright.

  2. Kj why do you need a copy right for your manuscript because in America? It is not needed as i read in various websites, blogs. I have also read blogs of literary agents and established writers. These people don't feel the need.

    Waiting for danger like small children, rightly said someone. I've two kids, 3 and 6 and it is really difficult to manage them as they are too curious to touch anything, taste anything, even swallow.

  3. Hey Che - yes, some rashes are unexplainable - crazy.

    Hello Sudam - you are right, a copyright isn't necessary. SPR suggested it, but they know it's not needed - especially since I've left a trail for SPKG - it's pretty easy to prove it's mine. Still, it's a pain to wait for it.

  4. Kudos on naming your child after the founder of the X-men.
    I've noticed that rashes come and go. Sometimes they itch and sometimes they don't. And sometimes I will use creams if the rash is especially itchy.
    No, it's not easy being a paranoid parent. Then again, life isn't supposed to be easy.

    Relatively similar to the protagonist in Control Switch On (, the trials and tribulations I experienced as a reckless youth modified my beliefs and opinions, to the extent that I no longer exemplified immaturity.

  5. KJ, my son has had rashes from specific brands of organic milk and not others... consistently. I think there's something either in the processing of the milk or some substance that gets added to some brands that's a problem, but who can know?

  6. Love this piece, in its clarity and simplicity it has become a great story.