Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How Many Web Sites are Needed to Launch a Book?

I created a “Facebook” page for Saint Peter Killed God to announce the latest news about its release date.  Every time I post an update on its wall, it automatically tweets it.
On my “Twitter” account, I see other writers posting my name on WW (Writer’s Wednesday) and I try to re-tweet it. I feel like I should give a shout out to all those I’ve read on Slush Pile Reader on WW, but it just haven’t had the time yet.  Maybe over the summer.
I’ve also created a blog on “blogger” and every post ends up being duplicated on my “Goodreads’” author page.
To promote my blog, I got a “Book Blogs” account.
I tried to promote my blog on “Kindle Boards”, but they have all kinds of strange rules regarding their forums.  I will try to promote SPKG there when it’s released.
I’ve got an account with “Linkedin” but I’m not sure how to use it.
When SPKG is released, I’ll look into “BookBuzzr.”
And I just got interviewed on “Author’s On Show” by Lori Anne Carrington (author ofCruiserweightand 50, both found on SPR).  The link is:
And on top of Facebook, twitter, blogger, Goodreads, Book Blogs, Kindle Boards, and Linkedin, I should probably get my own webpage.
Oh, I know I’m missing others.  There seems to be an endless number of sites to promote your book. It seems that getting published is really only the first step.  I feel like I'm missing some other web sites - any suggestions?


  1. I think you've pretty much covered your bases. I have accounts at the places you've mentioned, and most get a pretty decent amount of traffic.

    BookBuzzr is fun, especially seeing where you are on their charts now and then. I think SPKG will have no problem becoming a Top 10 book (come on, The Cruiserweight was one =D )

  2. Thanks Lori, you've convinced me to check out BookBuzzr - but why do you sell the Cruiserweight short???

  3. Heck that's a lot of works. Good luck for your book.

  4. Thanks Sudam - have you published yours yet? How many websites are you on?

  5. The publicity is one of the hard parts! It does sound like you're doing all the right things. I agree that a website just for you and your book would work well. Keep it up! =)

    -Miss GOP

  6. Another good way to promote your book is with a virtual book tour. I'm in book blogs with you and currently a virtual book tour coordinator.

  7. Thanks Rebecca - I'm not 100% sure what a virtual book tour is or how to set one up, but I'm interested - sounds like a good idea.

  8. lol, I feel sorry for you, but good luck anyway :)

  9. I'm right there with you KJ. I still don't understand how to make Facebook automatically Tweet my posts... So I just post stuff on my blog, then Tweet and Share it with Facebook.

    I use BookBuzzr also, but don't know how to figure out where my book is on their charts.

    It would be so much easier just to hire a social networking guru for all of the marketing, lol. It takes up more time than anything, but it's fun just the same :)


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