Saturday, May 21, 2011

Have You Copyrighted Your Book?

I have poked around Slush Pile Reader and other sites and seen enough books that I know are published, so I have a couple of questions:

I applied for a copyright on April 15th and I still haven’t heard thing one.  I thought it’d take a week or so and now it’s over a month.  What takes so long, do they actually read the entire book?  If so, I applaud their efforts.  Have you applied for a copyright and how long did it take?

I’m a little confused – when you get a copyright, is that when you get an ISBN number or does that come when the book actually gets published?  It’s something that I’m going to find out soon enough but I’m still curious.

So how has the publishing experience been for you?  Would love to hear your thoughts...


  1. Hey KJ! I got some websites for you to check out to answer your questions:

    From what I heard, once you put in the paperwork for copyright protection, your work is copyrighted. So I think your work is safe. Idk how long it takes to get the paperwork through and get it back.

    Another thing I think the websites will clear up is that you don't get an ISBN once you file for copyrights. I'm pretty sure if you self-publish (I guess that's what you're doing) that you will get the IBSN. I know on smashwords you do, but I'm not sure about the others. Um, I would check out those websites for more information. Kate knows her stuff, unlike me. I'm just a beginner in the self-publishing world and all that I know is from my own research and her experiences with copyright and ISBN attainment.

    Btw, you mentioned how it would be difficult to follow my tip of writing it down first then typing it. After seeing that you are a high school English teacher, I'm kinda in shock. It's not like I'm trying to critique your classroom or your writing, but it just seems strange to me. I bet if your students wrote down their essays first then typed them up then I bet their essays would be better. The same applies here. If you write down your story first then type it up, then it'll be better.

    I gave you some homework on my blog to do, but I'll tell you it here since I'm here anyway. Pick a story you're about to write and instead of starting on a computer first, write it down in a notebook. Just try it for one week.

    When you have a lunch break, write for fifteen miuntes and eat for fifteen minutes. I do the same thing. Except I now read for fifteen minutes then eat. Sometimes I do both and that way I get the whole thirty minutes to read and eat at the same time.

    Anyway, try it try it you may like it. And besides, it's just for one week and it's during the summer. I know this is a time to revamp lesson plans and enjoy the time away from the students or even get some additional income, but the summer is the perfect time to write and reflect on your progress as a writer. Just see if you like it, tell me the results, and think about if you want to continue to write it down.

    Until next time, ttyl.

  2. Can't help out too much on the copyright question as my publisher thankfully took care of that for me, but on the publishing question I can answer that its going alright. Wish I had more sales, but what author doesnt. All in all its about what I expected.....lots of work.

  3. Yes Courtney, my book isn't even out yet and it's amazing how much work there is to do promoting. You're not done once you get published! I have a new post that I'm working on about the websites I'm joining - and it looks like there are plenty more that I haven't...

  4. KJ,
    I self published my book and i can answer the two questions for you according to my experience. The publisher takes care of the ISBN number(s)and apparently the copyright as well. I published Dark of the Moon In January of 2010, and i know you don't need to have your work copywritten bla, bla, bla, however, as you mention above, i feel a little better knowing that it is on paper, it's my work and i can prove it. With all the publishing excitement, i never realized i didn't get a certificate from the Library of Congress in regards to my copyright.

    I phoned the publisher and was told they had not received it yet. After a while i gave but then found the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. They do the same thing, and i now have my certificate. This is recognized all over the world and i'm HAPPY.Thank you for listening. Did i earn your support for Dark of the Moon?:)