Thursday, March 10, 2011

Does Listening to Audio Books Count as Reading?

I had a good rhythm going.  It’s pretty sad – between working and taking care of Xavier, the only time I could edit was between 7 and 9 at night.  Thank god Xavier goes to bed early.  A snow day here and a holiday there, and I was able to finish most of the editing pretty quickly. Just have to make a sermon chapter or two consistent with the others, change a song, and check on a few other things.  I’d say I could finish in just a few days.  So what happened?
Research papers.
The worst thing about teaching – grading.  The worst kind of grading – essays. The worst kind of essays – research.  I should finish grading those this weekend.  Until then, I’m off the grid.
So how can I read if I don’t have enough time to edit?
Audio books.  Wait, does that count as reading?
Driving to and from work gives me an hour a day to listen.  Not to mention catching a few minutes of a book here and there while cleaning, cooking, etc.
I’ve listened to a few lately that I really enjoy.
1.       The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz.  No wonder why this one the Pulitzer prize.  The mix of slang and sophisticated words makes this very funny.  Plus I didn’t know much about the Dominican Republic’s Trujillo and the secret behind Kennedy’s assassination.  And the reader is fantastic.
2.       The Know it All by A.J. Jacobs.  It doesn’t seem like a book about trying to read the entire encyclopedia would be very funny, but it is.  Good reader.
3.       The Lost Gospel of Judas by Bart Ehrman.  OK, if you’ve looked at St Peter Killed God, you should know I’d be into this type of book.  I was surprised how easy listening to this book was.  The narrator was a little snide / cocky, but for some reason that made it even better.
Hopefully by the next post, I’ll be caught up and finished most of the editing. 


  1. The is a very interesting topic. Someone talk about the topic of religion and they said that St Mary and the Pope were evil and St Mary was worst than the Pope. Now this was a disgust ion that I could not get on because I have never read about St. Mary or the Pope. Tell me what you think?

  2. Hello June June - thanks for commenting. St Mary evil? I've heard it rumored that St. Mary got pregnant before she married Joseph and to quiet the gossip, Christians created the divine birth of Jesus (which I believe is true). But evil? I wouldn't go that far. The Pope. Which one? Many a Pope has a questionable morals, including this one with how he's handled the sexual abuse scandal. Evil is a subjective word and I wouldn't use it lightly. I'm no fan of the pope, but I don't believe he is intentionally evil.

    There are a lot of opinions, theories, speculations. I'm dubious of most until I read enough to form a solid opinion.