Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Over 850 Books Read on Authonomy and Slushpilereader!

I've read over 850 books on authonomy and Slush Pile Readers and I feel very ADD. But that was the old way of making it to the ED as I tried to read ten or more a day spending way too much time on-line. My attention span must be shrinking as I wonder how good these books are all the way through. It helps / humbles to read all these stories. No wonder why it's so hard to break through - there are so many talented writers out there and so many intense stories. But the problem I have is simple: are these writers able to keep it up throughout their books.

There are scores of fantastic books I've read during my stints on authonomy and slush pile reader, but I've only bought and read three of them all the way through - partially because they were published. There are so many that I'd love to buy and read - man, it'll be a long time before I'm hurting for a good book to read. The three I read are impressive all the way through and I higly recommend all of them.

Remix by Lexi Revelliam. Looking for a murder mystery that's fast pace, fun, and more enjoyable than watching TV? Lexi's book delivers. It's listed as Chick-Lit, but there is such strong hooks that I just couldn't stop reading it. Totally fun. Her charcters are strong and easy to like (or hate). Imagine waking up and finding a guy on your roof? That's how it starts and it only gets better.

Descending by Catherine Chisnall. Good fiction is all about being able to see things from another POV. Sure, we wouldn't do what the characters do, but it's fun to see how someone else would react. Create tension, conflict. My creative writing students always want write peaceful pieces. Not Catherine. Her book puts you in the mind of someone who gets deeper and deeper into a sticky situation - a teacher having an affair with a student. I just couldn't stop reading this; I was dying to find out how it'd end. Like a train wreck, you can't peel your eyes off of this one. Realistic - and thank god I never had to experience anything like this in my real life - but in Catherine world I was able too.

Grumbles Bluff by Karen Bessey Pease. I couldn't help but root from the narrator, an overweight girl who gets teased at school. The story pulled me in as this middle school student has to overcome quite a bit. Such a strong personality that I feel like I know the girls in the story. This one has a lot of emotional ups and down that kept me interested through out. And it makes me want to visit Maine.

All three are excellent and thankfully they have all been published. Treat yourself to these entertaining books.


  1. Hey, Karl! What a sweetheart you are to mention Grumble Bluff in your blog!

    Thank you so much!

    You'll get there... never give up hope, and never quit trying! St. Peter Killed God is a work of art. Someday, we'll be lined up at a book signing waiting for your autograph!

    I hope your family is thriving. The young master must be growing like a weed. Sure hope you're finally getting some sleep!

    Hugs from the hills of Maine,

  2. Hi Karl,
    I am hoping you will consider reading Going Out In Style
    and putting it on your Authonomy bookshelf next month if you think it deserves it.

    Good luck with the next step with St. Peter Killed God . I think the premise of your book rocks and the writing delivers.

    A zoomer

  3. I have read many stories on Authonomy, and reviewed quite a few now since I uploaded my book in October. At times my eyes can't concentrate and my mind wonders because the stories I read on there don't grab me, but I feel obligated to read at least a chapter and give a proper comment because the writer has backed my book. Authonomy can be overwhelming at times because I don't just browse books, I do actually read them if I'm leaving a comment. I don't feel a lot of people do that. However, at times I do get the rare book that I have really enjoyed. I have even asked for more chapters for at least 2. Also, I feel it is still worth while being on there because it has made me edit my book even more, and I have made contact with some people that have been very helpful with this process. I have also come across others who have read my book fervently and have been constantly asking for me to upload more. One person has given large comments for each chapter (21 before I uploaded more). This has spurred me on, and I have started sending out more queries. Hopefully 2011 will be my year. Happy new year - Marita A. Hansen.