Sunday, September 25, 2011

How Much is Too Much Promotion?

How Much is Too Much Promotion?

An indie author told me that the average person has to hear about a book approximately eight times before they buy the book.   I get on twitter and see authors plugging their book daily.  I get facebook messages from authors so frequently that it actually turns me off from buying their books.  

But secretly I wonder, am I wrong?  I find these group emails giving me updates about how well a book is doing obnoxious – mainly because I get at least a dozen a day (I have too many author friends promoting their books on facebook and belong to too many writing groups – I have to adjust my filters accordingly).  

Is it working?  When I tweet or post a message, I never see a spike in sales.  But if I sent out constant updates, which in turn would keep my book in the minds of readers, would that help or would that turn off potential readers?

Instead, I plug away trying to post occasionally here and there and recommend my book to one reader at a time.  Sales have been trickling in, so I’m pleased.  But is would it help to use “guerilla” tactics (as one writer termed it) and bombard people with updates?